Venue Selection and Negotiation
As a proud independent agent with Procurigence, we can assist with your procurement needs for meetings, events, and travel. We want to be your steward for getting the best value for your budget on all your meetings and events.


Risk Assessment and Consulting
Keeping attendees, staff, and everyone involved with an event safe is perhaps the greatest responsibility of the organizer. Our experienced independent consultants can help you to assess and mitigate concerns that could risk your event and its success. Whether those concerns could come from the outside, or the inside. Our goal is your safety.


Resource Consulting
Sometimes when you’re running an event, you’re not sure where to get the services you need. Whether that’s safety, security, and first aid, or just experienced staff for any function of your event. We can run point on finding those resources for you.



Event Management and Safety Solutions can help you to run a successful event.